Friday, May 19, 2006

2006 Swimsuit Calendar - a sell out!

Natalie Gulbis Swimsuit Calendar

Natalie Gulbis released her second calendar for the year 2006, which is a 15 month wall hanging and priced at around US$30. It was a great success as went sold out in first quarter of this year. The pictures in the calendar was great and worth buying.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Natalie Gulbis Interview KRAFT NABISCO CHAMPIONSHIP 2006

American Golfer Natalie Gulbis picture in LPGA KRAFT NABISCO CHAMPIONSHIP 2006.
Natalie Gulbis was interviewed at Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage, CA on 2nd of April 2006, after the final round in KRAFT NABISCO CHAMPIONSHIP. The transcript from the interview....

Natalie Gulbis: If I missed this putt, I'll get closer. I missed it, but they still made bogeys. It's fun. It doesn't get more exciting than this for golf.

Interviewer: The Question was Inaudible

Natalie Gulbis: My caddie and I read it for about a cup right to left. And I missed it by at least a cup, quite a bit and I still had pretty good pace on it.

Interviewer: Did it catch you by surprise getting into contention there?

Natalie Gulbis: A little bit, because they were just so far ahead of me all day. They were pressing each other back and forth at being 10 and 8, and I was just at 4 and not doing much, hitting the ball okay. And they slipped back a little bit and I started hitting the ball better, so it started to switch a little.

Interviewer: At what point did you think it was realistic?

Natalie Gulbis: At about 13 when they were both in trouble and I had a 20 footer. And I missed it and they made bogey and then I was only a couple back. And then I birdied the next hole and Lorena made bogey. And I was one back of Michelle and then she made bogey on the next hole and then we were all tied.

Interviewer: How about Lorena on 18?

Natalie Gulbis: That was a phenomenal shot. It was a tight pin back there and it's not an easy green to hole. It was kind of her tournament to win or lose today, for her to make that shot and give herself a chance and have an eagle to make the playoff.

Interviewer: Have you ever gone for that green in two in tournament play?

Natalie Gulbis: Yes, I put it in the water last year. They're both long hitters. I would have had to hit 3 wood into there.

Interviewer: Is there a point where you felt Michelle had control? Maybe in the middle of the back nine?

Natalie Gulbis: No, Lorena had control most of the day, because she still was ahead of everything.

Interviewer: Did it run through your head what the significance would be if a 16 year old winner?

Natalie Gulbis: Not really. I'm sorry.

Interviewer: What about your drive on 18?

Natalie Gulbis: I didn't think I could go for it, so I needed to hit it in the fairway and try to make birdie.

Interviewer: The Question was Inaudible

Natalie Gulbis: I had a good weekend. I shot 8 under for the weekend. I didn't do much the first two days, so I'm very pleased with how I played.

Interviewer: What did you do off the first tee?

Natalie Gulbis: I hit it in the rough. Nothing in particular, I didn't do much, a couple of birdies, a couple of bogeys.

Interviewer: Do you feel comfortable with your game?

Natalie Gulbis: At times. It goes back and forth.

Interviewer: What changed? Did you make any adjustment?

Natalie Gulbis: Worked harder.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Natalie Gulbis Calendar 2005!

Natalie Gulbis Calender 2005 Cover Picture

Sexy Golf player Natalie Gulbis Calendar was first released for the year 2005. Also another calender for 2006 also recently released. In both the calenders Natalie was portrayed in swimsuit. Her 2005 calender was a sell out during a LPGA tournament. Earlier her calender was banned from LPGA tournaments and the decision was critised by many. Natalie finished the year 2005 by earning more than US $1 Million. But Natalie Gulbis yet to win a LPGA match.

Sunday, December 18, 2005


Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Natalie Gulbis Picture Gallery Photo
Another NATALIE GULBIS picture from FHM!


Natalie Gulbis Picture Gallery PhotoNATALIE GULBIS on FHM Photoshoot!


Natalie Gulbis Picture Gallery PhotoNATALIE GULBIS in Bikini!


Natalie Gulbis Picture Gallery PhotoNatalie Gulbis at FHM photoshoot.